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Creators bring the audience. Startups bring the equity. We provide the legal, marketing, and budgeting tools to align incentives for the long-term.

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Reward Your Founding Creators with Equity.

Subscribe makes the process fair by tying equity compensation to performance-based marketing.

Enable creators to have an ownership stake in your company and align long-term incentives.

Let's win together.

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Creators, know your worth

Get ownership in companies you help grow. Participate in the upside typically reserved for founders, investors, and employees of companies.Build generational wealth with startup equity.

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"Starting to see more startups carving out a creator equity pool, which is super smart IMO. Similar to how employee option pools work, companies are now choosing to allocate 1-2% of company equity to creators."

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"The bump at the end of the month was driven largely by videos from new investors including Sebastian from Ask Sebby and Graham. This set off a chain reaction by sparking major sign ups and those same users then referred their friends at a high rate, creating a positive feedback loop."

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"For businesses like ours, this is perfect. I can also see so many other verticals use a product like this as we've tried to setup influencer marketing from scratch and boy is it hard (lots of single convos with creators, no proper equity / incentive structure, creators having to trust young lowkey brands)."

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